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- PLacer un "Home" en début de menu déroulant sur toutes les pages
- Lien Thermochimie données cintétiques
- remplacer menu partnaier par "funding partner" et "academic partners"

- références des fichiers à télécharger (sorption / cinétiques) globaliser si Marty et al. 2015

- formalisme cinétique questions sur les tests et question sur ABS(1-SR)

- essai de logo transparent :

The THERMODDEM database has evolved gathers the thermodynamic properties of mineral phases of wastes and natural environments, of aqueous species and of gases.

Thermoddem is a thermodynamic database devoted to geochemical modelling for environmental studies in general and, more specifically, to chemical systems involving waste materials. Our concerns are also focused on taking into account some specific needs for modellers by proposing different output formats and some important information concerning the solid phases, the transformation path, paragenesis and insights into crystallographic details. The database is especially devoted to environmental applications, ranging from waste materials management to pollutant behaviour, including the context of deep underground disposals.

The project was initiated thanks to a specific partnership with ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency). Further additions and developments could be avhieved thanks to partnerships with ANDRA (French Agency for Nuclear Waste Management) or private companies like TOTAL.

To maintain a high level quality of the information included in the Thermoddem database, we need your feedback so that we can correct bugs and make improvements. We warmly thank you to send us your remarks and suggestions.

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