About Thermoddem

THERMODDEM gathers the thermodynamic properties of mineral phases from wastes and natural environments, of aqueous species and of gases.

With the growing trend towards reusing materials and with increasingly stringent environmental, it has become essential that their behaviour should remain predictable throughout their life cycle. In this perspective, evaluation tests for prediction purposes are under development on a European level. However, a pertinent interpretation of data can only be accomplished through the use of purpose-built tools. Therefore, this preoccupation is currently being addressed by compiling a thermodynamic database specifically designed for waste. This can only be developed successfully provided contributions to it are obtained from a wide variety of sources and its use is coordinated amongst different laboratories, both in France and the rest of Europe. Its future objective could be to act as the cornerstone of a European expert system that allows the reactivity of materials to be modelled and their impact on the environment to be assessed in line with how they are used.

Dernière mise à jour le 31.10.2017