Toward high salinity solutions

BRGM is also interested and involved in the developpment of databases for high ionic strength solutions, relying on the Pitzer model. Applications concern natural hypersaline environments (saline lakes, deep reservoir aquifers, geothermal and hydrothermal fluids, etc.) and industrial process fluids. You can have an insight to our activities there.

Thermoddem is developped paying attention to the consistency with the Pitzer thermodynamic database developped at BRGM. This concerns the thermodynamic properties of highly and sparingly soluble salts as illustrated in the figure below.

Solubility of Mirabilite and Thenardite as a function of temperature : Comparison between experimental (symbols) data and calculations based on solubility refinement (black lines) and on equilibrium constant obtained after a selection of thermodynamic properties (red lines). For further details, see Blanc et al. (2012).


These activities regarding the Pitzer database take place within a larger framework including the development of thermodynamic tools devoted to various application fields: saline systems, capillary conditions, fresh waters, from ambient to elevated P and T.

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