The first group of files (column "Thermodynamics") includes only thermodynamic data, for equilibrium reaction involving mineral, gases and aqueous complexes. The LogK(T) functions have been calculated using the properties which are displayed in the “Data Consultation” section.

The calculation process is described in [Blanc et al. (2012).


Kinetics includes a selection of [kinetic rate laws compiled by Marty et al. (2014)] and [Palandri and Karakha (2004)]. The Q/K parameters are consistent with the Thermodynamic database of Thermoddem. Note that this module is also consistent with the Thermochimie database.


Sorption includes: - a set of cationic exchange reaction constants, based on the model developped by [Tournassat et al. (2007)]; - two sets of surface complexation equilibrium constants, one adapted to the Double Layer Model (DLM) from [Dzombak and Morel (1990)] one adapted to the CD-Music model [Hiemstra and Van Riemsdijk (1996)]