Thermoddem release 2014-12-18


Re-assessement of the thermodynamic properties of the minerals: The re-assessement concerns the clay minerals, based on the work published by Blanc et al. (2015).
Selection of thermodynamic properties For Ni- and Hg-bearing compounds.
Code formats: For the ToughReact format, bugs are fixed concerning the a0 hydrated radius coefficient, based on N. Spycher (LBNL) assessment.
Other options:
 - Kinetics rate laws are proposed for the formats PhreeqC, Crunch and ToughReact (Marty et al., 2015)
 - Exchange reaction model for PhreeqC (Tournassat et al., 2007)
New web site design:
A new design is now proposed with an effort to ease the consultancy. Login options have been discarded. The new interface will also provide the webmasters to implement new contents more easily. These new possibilities will be tested during year 2015.

Dernière mise à jour le 15.12.2017