Our expertise

The BRGM has been working for many years on the thermodynamic and physicochemical properties of complex salt systems. The team in charge of this activity makes available its technical skills for any project requiring an opinion, a technical and experimental assistance and / or a modeling of the geochemical behavior of the highly salty electrolytic solutions, up to saturation with respect to the solid salts. The goal of the team is to meet the needs expressed in terms of:

  • basic research / development on singular electrolytic systems;
  • use of software developed at the BRGM on this theme;
  • creation of new internal collaborations;
  • from applications to real cases.

Our fields of application

  • Extraction of recoverable substances contained in brine (Lithium salars ...)
  • Problems of clogging wells during the exploitation of deep resources (oil field, geothermal energy ...)
  • Storage of acid gases (CO2 ...)
  • Desalination of seawater
  • Modeling the behavior of complex electrolytic systems, in wide ranges of temperature (0-300 ° C), pressure (1 - 1000 bar) and salinity (up to saturation and beyond)

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