Thermoddem release 2020-12-23


- Elements selection

A selection foe Zn is realised (Iterams project, E.U. funding)

- Mineral properties

Re-assessment of the properties of cement hydrates C-S-H, C-A-S-H and M-S-H is proposed, based on the determination by Roosz et al. (2018). Long silicate chain dataset (high solubility) is available for C-S-H and C-A-S-H is available upon request (partnership with Thermochimie consortium).

Hydrated clay mineral properties are re-evaluated using Gailhanou et al. (2017) and Vieillard et al. (2019) models (partnership with Thermochimie consortium).

- Aqueous species

Various corrections are implemented: correction for H3AsO4 (thanks to H. Kalka UIT, Dresden), corrections of the selection for Gd, Eu-Cl and Nd-Cl complexes (thanks to H. Kalka UIT, Dresden), correction for the H4SiO4 properties at high temperature (GeoWell project, E.U. funding)

- Complementary files

The dataset for kinetic rates is completed for mafic minerals at high pH (Iterams project, E.U. funding)

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