Formula : Na0.99Al0.99Si2.01O6:H2O

Space group: 
Triclinic - Pedial H-M Symbol (1) Space Group: P1
Dana class: (77) Tectosilicate Zeolite group (77.1) true zeolites (77.1.1) Analcime and related species
High temperature: 
Low temperature mineral.
Geological context: 
Occurs frequently in basalts and other basic igneous rocks associated with other zeolites. In the groundmass or vesicles of silica-poor intermediate and mafic igneous rocks, typically basalts and phonolites, from late-stage hydrothermal solutions, or disseminated due to deuteric alteration. In lake beds, altered from pyroclastics or clays, or as a primary precipitate; occurs also as authigenic in sandstones and siltstones.

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Reaction properties
T(°C) 0 25 60 100 150 200 250 300
log10K 8.15 6.65 4.80 3.08 1.37 -0.01 -1.23 -2.39