Formula : FeOOH

Space group: 
Orthorhombic - Dipyramidal HM symbol (2/m 2/m 2/m) Space Group: Pbnm
Dana class: - 6 Hydroxides and Oxides Containing Hydroxyl ; 6.1 Hydroxides and Oxides Containing Hydroxyl where X+++O OH ; 6.1.1 Diaspore group (Orthorhombic, Pnma or Pnmd)
High temperature: 
In the presence of pure water goethite is stable at all temperatures between OC to 100C. Well crystallized goethite gives a d.t.a. curve with a single endothermic peak at a temperature of 350C to 390C.
Geological context: 
Goethite is a very common mineral typically occurring as a weathering product of iron-bearing minerals such as siderite, magnetite, pyrite, etc. It is normally formed under oxidizing conditions.

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Individual properties (298.15 K)
T(°C) 0 25 60 100 150 200 250 300
log10K 1.33 0.36 -0.75 -1.77 -2.79 -3.66 -4.47 -5.29