Formula : FeS

Space group: 
Monoclinic - Prismatic H-M Symbol (2/m) Space Group: A2/a
Dana class: (2) Sulfides - Including Selenides and Tellurides (2.8) where Am Bn Xp, with (m+n):p=1:1(2.8.10)Dana Group Pyrrhotite Fe(1-x)S(x=0-0.17) A2/a 2/m
High temperature: 
Pyrrhotite can be produced at laboratory scale at around 250C by reduction with the hydrogen. In conclusion pyrrhotite needs reduced environment and it is concerned by a wide range of temperature : from roughly 100C to more than 1000C.
Geological context: 
Pyrrhotite is a widespred mineral from hyrothemal to magmatic deposits.

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Reaction properties
T(°C) 0 25 60 100 150 200 250 300
log10K -3.56 -3.68 -3.91 -4.22 -4.66 -5.19 -5.86 -6.77