Formula : SiO2

Space group: 
Trigonal - Trapezohedral H-M Symbol (3 2) Space Group: P 3121,P 3221
Dana class: (75) Tectosilicate Si Tetrahedral Frameworks, (75.1)SiO2 with [4] coordinated Si(75.1.3) Dana Group
High temperature: 
At 1 bar pressure, the change from alpha-quartz to beta-quartz occurs very rapidly and reversibly at 573C.
Geological context: 
Occurs in hydrothermal veins, epithermal to alpine; characteristic of granites and granite pegmatites; in sandstones and quartzites, less abundant in other rock types; in hydrothermalmetal deposits.The alpha- and beta-forms of quartz (and tridymite and cristobalite) are special polymorph pairs, because their structures have all the same bonds (they're topologically identical) but the atoms are in shifted positions (they are geometrically distinct).

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Individual properties (298.15 K)
Reaction properties

Quartz(beta) + 2H2O ⇌ H4SiO4

298.15 K, 1 bar log10K: -3.50 ΔH°r: J·mol-1 (Ref.: )
T(°C) 0 25 60 100 150 200 250 300
log10K -3.89 -3.50 -3.14 -2.83 -2.53 -2.30 -2.11 -1.96