Formula : Fe0.947O

Space group: 
Isometric - Hexoctahedral H-M Symbol (4/m 3 2/m) Space Group: F m3m
Dana class: (4) Simple Oxides (4.2) with a cation charge of 2+ (A++ O) (4.2.1) Periclase group (Isometric, Fm3m)
High temperature: 
Wustite can be produced at laboratory scale at around 250C by reduction with the hydrogen. In conclusion wustite needs reduced environment and it can be considred as a high temperature mineral.
Geological context: 
Wustite mineral is rare as natural occurrence. It is found associated as inclusions in the olivines derived from mantle but also as by product of smelting in slags.

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T(°C) 0 25 60 100 150 200 250 300
log10K 13.85 12.24 10.39 8.70 7.03 5.67 4.53 3.49